DMPL Podcast: Iowa Romance Novelists President Jan Walters

Jan Walters

With Valentine's Day occuring this week, we invited Iowa Romance Novelists President Jan Walters on the podcast. Jan shares with us a new book from an Iowa author and a romantic paranormal series she loves that was recently completed. She also talks about her own books and shares how working with Iowa Romance Novelists has made her a better writer. 

Island Paradise: Eight Great Books Set on an Island

Island Books

It’s the winter that never ends. More snow fell again last night. You’re probably tired of shoveling and wiping the snow off your car, and the kids have cabin fever. Don’t you wish you were on an island right now? Take a mental break and find paradise in your mind by reading one of these eight books set on islands across the globe.

6 Concerts to Watch on Qello Before the Grammys

Willie Nelson

Award season continues with the Grammy Awards this Sunday. You may not be able make it to Los Angeles to see some of music’s biggest stars walk the red carpet, but you can see them rock the stage from the comfort of your home with the Des Moines Public Library's Qello streaming service. Qello has hundreds of live concerts and music documentaries featuring modern pop stars, classic rockers, and more.

What We’re Loving: January

What We're Loving - Jan 2019

Your library card can get you more than just books! We have a huge digital collection – including TV streaming services, eAudiobooks, newspaper subscriptions, digital yearbooks, and more – that you can access for FREE. If you’ve got questions about everything your library card can do, our staff can help! Here are a few of the things in the digital collection that we’ve been loving in the month of January.

Meet the Librarian: Kate Young

What she does: Librarian at Franklin Avenue branch. My primary job is customer service. I work at most of the public service desks at Franklin so I’m helping people find their books, upload their resumes, figure out what to read next, use our apps for eBooks, start their first email account, etc. Behind the scenes I spend a lot of time planning the staff schedule and helping the branch manager with administrative tasks.

7 Winter-Themed Books to Read While You're Inside and Warm

Winter-Themed Books

After a nominally pleasant November and December, it's fair to say winter is having its revenge. With the frigid temperatures and recent snow storms, the need to take refuge on the couch with a blanket and a book is understandable. We've put together a list of books that can transport you to a winter-like atmosphere without the need for a heavy coat, mittens, and boots.

11 New Nonfiction Books You'll Want to Read in 2019

11 New Nonfiction Books

It's impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy, but who's to say we can't try? We think these 11 books will be worth your while in 2019. Women and true crime take center stage, but there are also books about The Troubles in Northern Ireland, a gunslinger in the Wild West, the world beneath our feet, and more.


9 Books to Help With Your New Year's Resolutions

9 Books NYR

Eleven days into the New Year, it’s time to take a look at your resolutions. Life has picked up to its normal pace. Perhaps the focus on your resolutions has started to slip to the wayside. Thankfully, the library is here to help. We’ve found books in our collection related to common resolutions, as well as some that will help you stay motivated as you work through your resolutions and make yourself a better person. You'll discover perseverance in these pages.

Ask the Staff: New Year's Reading Resolutions


It's the best time of the year - the time where we all look at our To Be Read list and say "Yes, I will finish that large pile of books this year." Perhaps you want to read new genres, finish a series, or read a certain number of books. Maybe you're even taking part in the DMPL Reading Challenge (you can still sign up!). Some of our staff shared what their resolutions are this year, and we've posted their responses below. Let us know what your goals are.